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Jan 11

Django app name translation in admin

"Django app name translation in admin" is small drop-in django application that overrides few admin templates thus allowing app names in Django admin to be translated.

Feb 06

Rename uploaded files to ASCII charset in Django

Telling Django to rename all uploaded files in ASCII encoding is easy and takes only two steps.

Nov 23

Using Cucumber to test a multilingual app

Sep 29

Slovenian translations for Rails3

Jul 31

Handling i18n in Django projects

All of the websites that we develop rely on Django support for internalization (i18n). Also, these projects are made of external apps. In this series of articles I would explain problems that we meet managing translations both during development and deploying. We would try to give sensible solutions and workflow for them.

Nov 12

Django set language for admin

Middleware that intialize specific locale for admin pages.

Aug 08

GetText to Gibberish rake task

Aug 08

Gettext to Gibberish