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Jun 07

Django cookie consent application

django-cookie-consent is a reusable application for managing various cookies and visitors consent for their use in Django project.

Dec 20

Django import export

Importing and exporting data with included admin integration.

Jul 13

Extending different base template for ajax requests in Django

Jun 01

Django comparison grid

Feb 06

Rename uploaded files to ASCII charset in Django

Telling Django to rename all uploaded files in ASCII encoding is easy and takes only two steps.

Nov 29

Speed up Django testing with sqlite

Jul 31

Handling i18n in Django projects

All of the websites that we develop rely on Django support for internalization (i18n). Also, these projects are made of external apps. In this series of articles I would explain problems that we meet managing translations both during development and deploying. We would try to give sensible solutions and workflow for them.

Mar 30

Do not use appname as templatetags module

Feb 19

Django time widget with custom time shortcuts

How to customize Django admin time widget to set desired time shortcuts.

Jan 27


Simpleadmindoc is django application that allows you to quickly create help for modules in Django admin. Goal is to be flexible enough, fast to create and easy to integrate.

Nov 12

Django set language for admin

Middleware that intialize specific locale for admin pages.

Nov 10

Can't connect to MySQL when touching django.wsgi

Oct 23

Django - avoiding typing password for superuser

Sep 15

Use unicode in doctests

May 11

Django testshell

This commands runs a Python interactive interpreter with test database and data from the given fixture(s).

Mar 16

Switch between django trunk and stable versions

Oct 31

Satchmo product images

Oct 30

Satchmo categories

Here is the templatetag for use in Satchmo. It extend existing satchmo category_tree tag allowing customizing product categories.

Oct 09

Custom setting in Satchmo

Adding custom settings to Satchmo shop.